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Leaving Hell - R.A.P. Ferreira and the Jefferson Park Boys #linkinbio


2020 has gotten off to a pretty rough start but we aim to brighten up your days... #linkinbio


Apparently it’s been a pretty productive decade! (and as I’m posting this I realize there’s at least 3 maybe more albums that I’ve missed) Thank you to everyone who contributed to these releases and made them possible, and to all my musical collaborators for trusting me with their vision, and most importantly to everyone who has lent me your ears over the years! And mark my words...im not done yet!!!


for those that have been jonesing for more happy little trees physicals the wait is over! I have tapes on deck with double gatefold artwork and an exclusive bonus track. Also i've decided to let go of the 3 test pressings, each with a hand painted cover by me! check my bandcamp before they are gone! #linkinbio kennysegalmusic.bandcamp.com/merch


Back at the House #BTS #rubyyacht #linkinbio


me and sam got something to share with you.... #linkinbio


got some new bling in my life ❤️


so proud of my crew! check out our new mixtape 37 gems! i provided the mix as well as producing a few joints and enlisted the homie @mikeparvizi to play bass on a few songs as well as @shawsounds_ on sax and @mr_carmack on drums on the poet gang track towards the end. our crew runs deeeeep! #rubyyacht4everandeverandever


hiding places instrumentals are now live on all streaming services! #linkinbio https://orcd.co/hidingplaces-inst also peep the new video for houthi and catch us on tour in the EU/UK in two weeks!!


next month i'll be doing some gigs in europe in support of the homies Armand Hammer (@backwoodzstudioz + @cobratoof). I'll be playing live with all my favorite toys...you don't want to miss this! Go to my facebook page for ticket links for all the shows.


one week from today it's going down in Los Angeles!! your only chance to peep me and Billy Woods together plus we got an amazing lineup of music to open the night. tickets: www.domeofdoom.org/hidingplacesla it's a small venue so get your tickets before it sells out!


to achieve proper flavor you gotta get your seasonings right...


The end.