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Weekend fun 💕 🎮🕹️ We used to have our dates nights just the two of us. Now we have our Pumpkin& he has such a blast 😂 but now he says he can do it on his own "Daddy be patient, it's my turn "😂🎮 ➡️Swipe to see my Pumpkin's reaction even if he doesn't win 😂 He's currently sleeping in which is great since tomorrow will be a long night. And daddy surprised us with a trip the next day 🎅🎄 we'll be busy busy ♥️ I need to go buy snacks though😬 Really hoping grocery stores arent crazy busy today for everyone doing last minute shopping🤞 - # Review Switching to Non toxic Deodorants has been an experience. But I have found my top 2 I Started off with Native couple months back. And it's easy on smells great! , but not mom life approved It's more for when you are just lounging around the house taking an easy day. Most bodies take up to 30 days to regulate , so if you switch don't give up on day 5. Keep trying until you find the one that works for you and your daily life. My all time favorite is T'eo from lush Mom life approved ☑️ I can go to work, chase a toddler, run errands and still smell fresh🌷 It's not really travel friendly So for a carry around in your purse or car I really like the Habitat Botanicals deodorant Smells great , not so smooth on, but it does it's job. It's a great back up to have for a hectic/ busy day. And it's compostable ! One less plastic item you have to deal with at the end of it's use 👏 . . . . . . . #datenight#weekend#letthembelittle#lettgefestivitiesbegin#arcade#arcadedate#fundayeveryday#beautyreviews#ecofriendly#sustainablelifestyle#familyof3#allnatural#vegan#sustainable#reviewing#ad#momboss#oils#Momlife#toddlermom#momapproved#activelife#active#naturaldeodorant#deodrant


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It looks like you guys had such a fun weekend!! Nothing better than this time of year 🙌🏻

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